Designing a Foyer or Entryway

The foyer/entryway is the first thing people see in your home, leaving a bit of pressure to have it looking its best. First impressions after all, are only given once. I personally like every room I design to serve two purposes, to be functional and beautiful.

Entry areas can vary mostly in size, which will determine how everything will play out. A typical starting point is adding a table. This table may be up against a wall or freestanding if room allows. If space on the other hand is very limited you can even mount a tabletop to the wall and still save floor space. This table can serve functionally for holding mail or keys and purses. It can also build a gracious display for those first impressions.

Artwork or a mirror may hang on the wall above the table.  Mirrors are a great way to make a smaller space seem larger and will reflect light.  A floral arrangement is a seasonal aspect  you can change throughout the year and adds freshness and life to a space. If that isn’t your taste, find a large charger or unique accessory to build off of.

When adding to that main item, consider whether you want a symmetrical or asymmetrical look. Balance is important in creating a cohesive display.   Keep in mind size and proportion, height and visual weight will play a key role.  Think of a triangle, the tallest (and usually the largest item) creates the top point and then two points at the bottom, these possibly begin additional accessories or lamps. From here, adding a few accessories on the table will finish up the table space. Like the triangle has three points, accessorize in odd numbers.  Odd numbers tend to be more pleasing to the eye.  There may be space on either side of the table to add a topiary, greenery, or a vase with reeds. This is an easy filler to occupy additional space if necessary.

A second option may be a small seating area, a chair, possibly two or maybe a bench. Again, serving functionally for a comfy spot to take shoes on or off or set down a tote or purse while you shed a layer. Pillows or possibly a throw are easy ways to change up colors, texture or patterns throughout the year. A mirror or artwork may still be applicable or a lamp if there is room to have a small accent table beside the chair.  A bench also provides an opportunity to add some storage whether it opens or having baskets under the bench.

If there is a very limited amount of space and there is no room to have furniture at all, move to other surfaces. If it is a small area and use it to your advantage! You can paint a bold color on one or all walls, same goes for wallpaper, the bolder the better! Hanging wallpaper on the smallest wall space can create a focal point. After all the entryway is a pass through, make an impact and then lead into other areas of the home.

Don’t forget the ceiling, again paint can create visual interest. A painted pattern can be used on the ceiling or trim can provide a similar effect. Trim can make a border around the space, helping to define the area. Think of it as a rug for the ceiling. Trim can be more decorative as well if space allows.

Lighting is an important aspect too. Lighting can set the mood for arriving guests as to what kind of energy the gathering will hold. The opportunity for a chandelier may or may not be present, this can add a lot of personality. The table may have room to host a lamp or two or wall sconces may find a home here too.

The floor is another surface to play up. Rugs can bring in tons of color or pattern and texture, and are very functional. If the space is large it will ground the area and evoke a more intimate feeling. Rugs will add warmth, a sense of coziness and a welcoming feel.

There are many options to consider in the foyer so use them all wisely and you will be able to pull together a beautiful space. Assess the size of you area, determine if you want a table and/or seating area. Accessorize your table considering the triangle and using odd numbers. Move on to walls, ceiling and floors. Maximize paint color, utilize your lighting to set the mood and bring in a rug for texture and pattern. Think of these elements and you’ll be well on your way.
Photo Credits: HGTV, Houzz, Home Depot